Party dates – 2018

Friday,April 27th.”Dancing in Lingerie”…New theme – Ladies,break out that new sexy lingerie – you love to wear!

Wednesday,May 2nd.”Wild Couples and Singles”..regular mid-week party – you know the drill!

Saturday,May 5th.”No Theme * No Attitude * No Problem”…just fun!Dance,Flirt and Play Party – simple theme..come as you are!

Friday,May 11th. Private Gang Bang – few hot,young..(or young at heart)..horny and healthy single males wanted!

Saturday,May 12th.”Dress in Black and White”..Flirt,Dance and Play Party.(in that order)

Wednesday,May 16th. “Wild Couples and Singles”  Special Victoria’s Day Edition.Pre – Long weekend Party..Make sure to be there!

Saturday,May 19th. It’s Long Weekend – and we are going camping.(it’s tradition).

Friday,May 25th. “Fantasy Friday”..Hot party!!Fulfill your deepest desire – right time and right place for that!All kinds of sexual orientation.

Wednesday,May 30th.”Wild Couples and Singles”…and some might be “Bi”  So,come to play that evening..if you least curious!You might like it there!Dark and private room upstairs is ready for you!Don’t be shy!

Saturday,June 2nd.”Short Skirts * High Heels * No Panties”..Great party – reduced cover.You better be there!

That’s all for now – see you in the club soon!!