Rules are the same as in most other clubs – courtesy and respect are required and expected. You must be polite and courteous to all members and staff. Anyone causing an incident will be asked to leave immediately. Any conduct requiring an apology is grounds for expulsion.

Do not touch and/or initiate any activities without permission or invitation. Never assume anything …always ask!

A courteous “NO” still means “NO”. Be gracious if refused.

Set your own rules and limits for playing with others – it’s best to have a clear understanding of what you and your partner feel comfortable with. Remember, the one you love is going home with you!

Safer sex is always required. Condoms are available for the protection and safety of our members.

Please play responsibly and make sure you and your partner are safe!

No illegal drugs or substances of any kind are allowed anywhere on the club property – including the parking lot! The BonBon Club is not 420 friendly. We don’t care what you do before you arrive, but please do not bring drugs into the event.

Any violations will result in prompt ejection and permanent loss of membership.

You must not engage in illegal activities of any kind. Any act termed illegal in Canada will not be performed in any way while attending our club!

No information regarding our members will be disclosed. Do not contact us for any info pertaining to other attendees. In other words, do not contact us to find out who will be attending, their age(s) or what they look like. Our intent is to provide a venue which can be enjoyed by all – regardless of age, ethnicity, profession, physical attributes or appearance.

Our club discourages “Cliques”.

If anyone does anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or that you feel is inappropriate – rather than waiting until the end of the party – please come to us right away or as soon as possible during the party – so that we can handle the issue immediately. Although we are actively monitoring club premises throughout the event – we also rely on our guests/members to help us monitor as well.

Absolutely no cameras or other recording devices are allowed anywhere. Cell phones may be used only in the front/reception area.

If you make a reservation – and you can’t come: just simply email us and tell us that. Please, don’t make up stories about car accidents, illness, family emergencies or anything tragic (Karma!).

Being honest will keep you on our emailing list.